ICT Engineer, Independent Consultant, Industry 4.0 & ICT infrastructures analyst, Application Developer (ad hoc software for SME and Public Administrations), Teacher & Trainer in recruiting and business environments, Project Manager with Prince2 Methodology.
Centro Studi Informatica Giuridica Milano (CSIG) Associate. 
E-procurement, E-commerce & Marketplaces expert for PPPA & SME contexts.
ISO 9000 and ISO 27001, Information Security throughout cybersecurity, relationship among laws and ICT.
PRINCE2 PRojects IN Controlled Environments certification (Datrix London, 2012)

Specialist key skills:

  • Software analyst & high-level designer (MVC architectures over business/DAO layers)
  • Java as main programming language
  • Front-end developer by Vaadin
  • Modules programming & integration between different languagues (Java-C-Fortran-Cobol)
  • DB engines: Oracle PLSQL, MySQL, SQLServer, SyBase

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